13 november is my birthday! ^^ can’t believe I’m already 17th this year time fly so fast right? Sometimes I hate being old it make me to keep thinking about my future.

At saturday night after have a dinner with family outside. My mom ask to buy some cake for me and she ask what do I prefer dapur coklat or harvest and I prefer harvest of course kekeke. Then around 10.30 PM my mom and sister put a candle on the chocolate cake and sang happy birthday to me. I was surprise and as fast as I could I close the fanfic I wrote in that time. Hahahaha shy of it kekeke.

In the morning I woke on 11.30 :3 before that I dreamed that no one wish me happy birthday even my classmate and I dreamed little bit about Taemin oppa he brought a cake with candle on it and sang saengil shukkae song for me hahaha

I woke up and I turn on my phone it was lag little bit and make me angry and i found a lot of birthday wishes XD Some of my classmate who doesn’t like korea said ‘happy birthday korea’ hahaha ‘korea’ belongs to me cause they know I really addict with kpop. Ohh and yesterday my friend’s mom (Clara) said that my face become more like Korea people! Xd very exicted! I will give some pictures about their status after i edited the photos first ^^

Dinda send me a voicenote! at first i thought she will sang happy birthday for me hahahhaa, but it wasn’t XD. She give me a birthday wishes around 22 seconds voicenote kekeke

On Monday when i arrived at school infront of corridor class some of my frinends wish me happy birthday again until 3PM they still wish me happy birthday hahaha kinda weird. As usual when i want to go home I always wait for my friend and go downstair together. But suddenly Kezia pull me to say something with Clara. I have a bad feeling before like last year == but luckly not! Some of the other stand make a circle around me and give some shinee’s photos which already been printed and Clara said: “Sorry Anas we only have this for your birthday.” and I said:” Its ok” in my heart i want to say its ok at least all of you already wish me birthday XD

I realize Kezia run to my back, I want to see what was she doing but my friend (i don’t know who cause i didn’t see) keep talknig with me! Suddenly Kezia bought the present and said: “Which one you prefer?” SUDDENLY I CRY!!!

I don’t know why!! I even still thinking now why I’m crying at that time! Anas Audrey and the other start to said LOUDLY “ANAS IS CRYING!” their’s still alot of my sunbaenims (forgot the english) around the corridor! IT WAS TOTALLY EMBARRASSING! some of my other classmate come around me to see I was crying! Afterthat they asked me to open the present and….

They even put shinee pohot on it Xd thank you so much my firneds!
Clara @clarakaslan
Dinda @DindaKupret
Vani @vaniirvani
Joanne @joanamanda
Kezia @keziakarko
Anas Audrey @anastasiaaudrey
Olive @ (forgot)

:* love you so much guys!

And everyone on XI Bahasa and everyone wish me happy birthday! THANK YOU!!

For the wrong grammar and totally bad english sorry i don’t care XD i just want to post it on english its up to me right? kekeke

OFFICIALLY 17!!! ^^;;;